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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Yahoo Answers- Free From Fear

How can we be free from fear?
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Fear is the inevitable outcome of uncertainty. Since future is always uncertain, fear can not be removed totally. It can only be tackled effectively.

Uncertainty means risk. Every risk entails opportunities as well..... just like every mistake entails an opportunity for new learning. Therefore the best way to tackle a fear is to delve deeper into the particular future uncertainty looking for the opportunity hidden therein. Converting a risk into an opportunity is the wisest way to handle fear.

The above is the positive approach to fear. There is also a passive approach. This involves controlling our own mind to get ready to accept the feared adverse event or occurrence... this frees the mind from the obsession of a fear and enables it to move on with other important tasks. Theoretically this method can remove all fears, but in practice, we can never totally control our mind to be able to accept any or all outcomes...... because that requires completely eliminating our ego which is not practically feasible... so long as ego is still there, the judgment of adverse or favorable will be made by us and the corresponding fear will arise in respect of those that are judged to be unfavorable.

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