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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

From Fear To Love

Learning from Fear
By Dr. Tim Ong, M.B.B.S
Nobody likes to feel fearful and because of that, most people will habitually react to fear by avoiding, repressing or suppressing it. It takes courage and wisdom to see that our fear can be our greatest teacher.
When we examine our fear, we will often discover that it is irrational. There is no real basis or substance to our fear. That is why fear is often described as "False Evidence Appearing Real". Fear is a self created illusion built upon past experiences or imprints. The situation may have changed but the imprints compel us to react in a knee jerk manner without proper examination and re-evaluation of the new situation.
The good news is that this habit or tendency CAN be transformed.
The Fear of Rejection
One of the most common fears is the fear of rejection. This fear comes in many forms.
For example, a person with this fear often feels it a challenge to talk to authority figures, whether these be their parents, teachers, superiors or even government bodies. They are especially fearful to ask for or request things from these people. The feeling of fear of rejection is an automatic response that arises from past experience of rejections from these same authority figures.
Another manifestation of this fear of rejection is in the inability to say "no" to other people's requests. This is the other end of the spectrum and arises because of the fear of being rejected by the person who made the request.
Confront Your Fear
The best way to overcome your fear is to confront it. However, there are two opposing ways to confrontation. You can confront your fear with great compassion and gentleness, or you can confront it combatively. The more skillful and effective way is naturally to confront it compassionately.
When you confront your fear compassionately, you'll soon discover the underlying false belief that gives rise to that fear. You'll learn that the external situation is merely a mirror reflection of your inner mental state. That false belief gives rise to a correspondingly false perception of reality, thus the irrationality of the fear.
Confronting your fear compassionately means to see it without any judgment and blame. It means to take responsibility for your emotion and even to embrace it with love. When you can do this, you'll be grateful for your fear because you know it is there only as a teacher. It is there to help you see your real self.
So the next time you experience fear, pause for a moment and examine it with love and compassion. Allow this teacher to show you the lesson you need to learn.
As they said, "Do the things you fear and the death of fear is certain."

Dr. Tim Ong is a medical doctor with keen interests in self improvement, mind science and spirituality. He is the author ofFrom Fear to Love: A Spiritual Journey and a contributor to 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life: Volume 3 together with other authors like Ken Blanchard, Byron Katie, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Brown.

The Many Faces of Fear

Ezine Articles-From Fear To Love

Fearless Living - Fear Less, Love More
By []Kathleen Bren

A happy and fulfilling life experience can be boiled down to the choices we make in each moment. We either choose to look at our lives through the eyes of love or through the eyes of fear. We either look for evidence around us that supports our physical, mental and spiritual well-being or we look for evidence that supports a belief in disease and lack.

When we look at our lives through the eyes of love, we affirm our willingness to be open to the unconditional love of God. And when our coffers are full we freely extend that love to those around us through our willingness to be forgiving, understanding and compassionate.

When we look at our lives through the eyes of fear, we deny our willingness to be open to the unconditional love of God. We affirm our belief in scarcity, limitation, lack. And because our coffers are never full when we entertain fear thoughts, we extend that fear to those around us by nitpicking, judging and criticizing others. Love fills us up; fear breaks us down.

Fear is the equivalent of mental bait. It is a carrot the mind holds over our heads with the hope that we will take the bait and run with it. Fear thoughts can multiply quickly and easily render the mind hostage, completely captivated by the fearsome specter of its tale of doom.

As soon as one of them gets a hook in us, it's as if someone hit the panic button. Once the alarm has been tripped, we can easily become overwhelmed by a stampede of scary thoughts and unpleasant images.

Don't take the bait.

Fear is not a necessary component of a balanced and happy life. In fact, it is a detour away from happiness. Although it is impossible to master fear because what we focus on increases in size, it is possible to let fear run its course without doing anything about it.

Frequently we experience uncomfortable feeling as the wave of fear washes over our minds, and our knee-jerk reaction is to attempt to outrun the wave by overeating, drinking to excess, resisting change, withdrawing, placating others, etc. None of these tactics ever works for long.

Like a tsunami that weakens as it gets closer to shore, the wave of fear will eventually lose momentum and naturally retreat from whence it came. All we have to do is let go of resisting the wave and simply let it run its course.

All attempts to squash or outmaneuver or runaway from fear only serve to keep it alive and fuel its flames. Like a child throwing a temper tantrum the more attention feat gets the more unreasonable it becomes. It may take seconds, minutes or hours for the wave to pass, but rest assured - it will pass. And when it does, we get on with the business of focusing on the positive and looking for evidence that life loves us.

Kathleen Bren is dedicated to helping women transform their lives from the inside out. If you are searching for greater happiness, meaning and purpose in your life, you will get oodles of inspirational insights, uplifting messages and soulful contemplations through her online ezine - SoulfulGirls.

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Yahoo Answers-From Fear To Love

I'm a christian and I fear everybody I love will suffer from judgment day, how do I save them?
I am a christian and I want everybody I love to avoid going to hell after judgment day, but my government tells me I should respect freedom of religion and everyone should follow their own religion. However, in the ten commandments, God said "thou shalt not worship false gods". Therefore, most of the world's population is going to hell after judgment day. How do I convince them on the right track?

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A. Every man makes their own decision in life and their salvation is between them and God. We provoke Gods love through our prayers but no man can give a ransom for their brother

Free From Fear

Why Fear Limits Your Life Potential
Have you ever felt like fear was preventing you from reaching your full potential in life?  If so, you are certainly not alone because fear is one of the biggest obstacles that many people face when trying to create better life circumstances.
Below are some of the most common ways that fear can hold you back:
  • Fear can prevent you from making positive changes.

  • Sometimes fear can make even the smallest changes seem extremely uncomfortable.  For example, you may be deeply dissatisfied with your job, but feel nervous or uncertain about finding and applying for a better one.  Or you may have always dreamed of buying your own home but worry that the responsibility would be too much to handle.

  • Fear can prevent you from breaking destructive habits.

  • We all know that smoking, poor dietary choices, excessive alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle are a recipe for health problems, but we often gravitate toward these habits because they help numb our anxious or fearful feelings.  If you have ever tried to break a bad habit like this, you know how stressful it can be because suddenly you are filled with anxiety and you don’t know how to handle it except to run back to your “pacifiers” – the very habits you are trying to break.

  • Fear can prevent you from taking risks.

  • Many of us shy away from risk because we fear negative consequences.  For example, you may hesitate to invest your money because you fear losing it, or avoid starting a new relationship because you were so hurt by the last one.  What most of us fail to realize is that risk can also bring great rewards.  Avoiding risk may help us avoid negative possibilities but we also miss the excitement and joy that come from positive outcomes.

  • Fear can prevent you from pursuing your goals.

  • Have you ever dreamed of doing something great but were never able to push yourself to do it?  Perhaps you dreamed of being a stand-up comedian but dreaded the thought of public speaking, or you desperately wanted to be a bestselling author but were too afraid to pen that novel lurking inside of you.

  • Fear can prevent you from expanding your life.

  • Social anxiety is another common way that fear can limit your potential.  It may prevent you from attending networking functions so your career or business can’t grow properly, or you may avoid taking that much needed vacation to relax and explore other cultures because you fear flying or being on a cruise ship.

How to Stop Fear from Limiting Your Potential

It’s important to note that all of these fears are most often groundless.  They are merely a perception that things “could” go wrong – but that doesn’t mean they will. 

Rather than trying to force your way through the fear, you may find it easier to explore the many ways that fear can be effectively released from your mind, emotions, and body.  When you know how to release the fear, you simply handle it as you would any minor obstacle and then continue on your way to creating the best life you possibly can.

Alternatively download the new Free ebook – 22 Powerful Tools To Transform Your Fear Into Happiness, Peace and Inspiration. (Affiliate URL) – Crammed full of valuable tips, exercises and ideas – it could be the most important ebook you read this year.

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Ezine Articles- Learning to become Free From Fear

Learning to Become Free From Fear
By []Iya Ifalola Omobola

Many of us today live so much in the midst of it that we do not even realize what it means to be free from fear. We succumbed to the emotion so long ago that it has become a regular part of our being. We are governed by its dictates and react to situations based upon its directives.

How did we get so engrained in such false evidence appearing real, as people tend to reference fear? It starts when we are small children. Parents use "boogey men" and other forms of not-so-veiled threats when children are young. There are always some sort of fearful consequences for actions if they are not the desired ones. There are even negative reinforcements that are intended to generate fear for so-called bad behavior - "Santa Clause is not going to bring you anything for Christmas" or "The Easter Bunny is not going to leave you anything."

As we get older, the types of fear-generated threats change with the concept remaining the same. Fear is used to keep us in line. We will get fired if we do not perform the tasks assigned to us by our bosses even if they go against who we innately are. You must threaten people on the phone to pay their bill or you will lose your job. You cannot find an amiable way to show them how to meet the desired end, you must use brute force to compel them to pay or you will be fired. You must pick up the meat you accidently dropped on the floor and put it in the sandwich you are making anyway or you will pay for the loss from your paycheck or with your job. You cannot tell your manager that the way they want you to complete a task is doomed for failure if you do not want to get fired. Then you have to endure the fear that you might get fired anyway by having the blame for the failure placed on you anyway.

The media doesn't make things any better. I have to find a way to get my husband to stop listening to the news in the morning. I awaken every day to reports of killings in the east, murders in the west, droughts in the north and flooding in the south. I know there is positive news. I see it every day. But we only hear about the negative things on the news. This reinforces our fear for our lives and the what-ifs.

The what-ifs are what get us every time. What if it doesn't rain for a month? The crops won't grow. What if it rains too much again? Our basements will flood. What if "they" decide to set off another bomb here? What if "we" set off a bomb there and they retaliate? What if I don't have the money to pay the electric bill next month? What if I get sick and can't go to work?

We look around and see that we are still alive, still going strong and still are managing to keep moving forward. And yet the fears of what could be are ever-present, creating an aura of fear that creates a wall that blocks us from even daring to dream anything else is possible.

We are co-creators of our lives. It is impossible, though, to be an artist if you are simply struggling to survive. You are too steeped in what you perceive to be real to even take a glimpse at the infinite possibilities. Learn to let go of the trappings of your fear. When you feel it showing its face, learn to smile at it and coax it to another level of understanding. You will see that the energy that was generated by the fear will be transformed into a valuable source of manna to power into your desired vision for the future. When you are free from fear, you then become free to create your world.

When you can release yourself and become free from fear, your world opens into a completing new and invigorating direction. You are able to begin painting the picture of the world you want to live and then you are able to start creating it. Learn more about how award-winning author, Iya Ifalola Omobola, teaches you to overcome fear by visiting here -

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